Anne-Elizabeth Straub

Clinical Social Worker 
Somatic Educator
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These podcasts allow me to share my work as a teacher of the Feldenkrais Method®.  The Feldenkrais Method®
is a means of learning to move more easily and gracefully and to reduce pain and stress.

Many people have not had the opportunity to experience Awareness Through Movement® lessons. This will make the experience available in a new venue, wherever you have access to a computer.

It’s a way to sample a lesson.

These are short versions of the kind of lessons I teach
when students come to the studio for lessons.  

My own students also come to the website as a way to “check in” between sessions.

Seated Turning Lesson 

This is the first of a series of lessons in podcast form.  My goal is to allow people who might not have had the experience of attending an
Awareness Through Movement® lesson, to do so by means of a podcast delivered via webpage.

The current lesson is one which examines the function of turning in a sitting position and gives you a tool to improve your comfort and ease in accessing the space around you.


Hip/Shoulder Connection 

This is a lesson which will assist you in sensing the location of and the connections between 
your hip and your shoulder.

You will also develop a better sense of the torso as a whole.

Notice what other changes you find as you go through the lesson.







Neck/Jaw Connection 

In this lesson, we will explore the connection between the movements of the neck and jaw.

When we have a clearer picture of how we use ourselves, we have more options available and we move with greater ease and more pleasure.